Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Silent to the Bone

Silent to the Bone
by e.l konigsburg
272 pages

“On that date and for all the days that followed when he made no sound, my friend Branwell was screaming on the inside. And no one heard. Except me.”

Summary: In Silent to the Bone, Connor’s best friend Branwell is stuck in a detention centre because he is accused of dropping his baby sister who is currently in a coma. Conner believes his best friend did not do it. The only problem is that Branwell is unable to utter a single world; he will not or cannot speak. Conner develops a way of communicating with Branwell with flashcards that have letters and words on them. Via blinking, Branwell is able to identify ideas and words that lead Conner to try and investigate what really happened that night. Conner tries to piece together the puzzle that will ultimately lead to his friend’s freedom, in more ways than one.

Review: Silent to the Bone is a haunting depiction of what shame and self blame can do to a person. However, it is also a story about the strength of friendship and family. Branwell is a beautifully written character although he has almost no dialogue. Also, while each part of Branwell’s story is heartbreaking, e. l. konigsburg also leaves room for redemption for all the characters, which makes the story hopeful. The clues that Branwell gives make the book feel a bit like a mystery and leave the reader wanting to know more. This book comes recommended for any library collection.

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