Review Policy

Update (Sept 20, 2011): Unfortunately I am no longer able to accept review copies from authors. I am however still accepting egalley copies from publisher sites such as Netgalley and Simon & Schuster’s Galleygrab. I apologize and will keep you updated if this changes. 

Some things to keep in mind...

What I like:

I prefer YA fiction, but I will also accept YA non-fiction and middle grade fiction and non-fiction. Unfortunately, I simply do not have the time or the interest to accept adult fiction at this time.

I am open to all genres of fiction; however, I will let you know up front if the book doesn’t sound like something I would be interested in.

I am unable to accept pdf formats at this time.


I post reviews 3 to 4 times a week and I also participate in a variety of meme features that also highlight books I’m reading.

My Rating System is loosely based on the VOYA rating system and can be found under my Ratings tab

What you can expect:

I can usually post a review within 7 days or less, unless stated otherwise. I know some publishers like to have the reviews posted around the release date, which I am able to accommodate as long as the book is received at least 7 days prior to the release date.

I will always give an honest review. However, I am of the belief that almost every book has a reader, therefore my reviews tend to focus on the appeal elements, regardless of my personal opinion.

I try my best to review every book I receive. If for whatever reason the book cannot be reviewed in full, it will still be highlighted in other posts (In My Mailbox and Trash to Treasure).

I will always send you an alert when the review is posted.

I also post my reviews on Amazon, and mention them on my Twitter account (both of which are under the name The Crescive Library).

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