Wednesday, June 23, 2010

No such thing as too L.O.U.D

Every once in a while I’m going to check out some of the programs that public libraries across North America offer their young adults. Hopefully this will provide some neat ideas to not only be used in my portfolio but also for other librarians who might come across this blog.

The first one I’m looking at is from my public library in London. One of the programs that the London Public Teen Annex offers is a program called L.O.U.D (London Ontario Underground Dimensions). This program organizes music gigs for teen bands at various city library branches. The shows are geared for younger people who can’t make it out to bars or clubs but are deeply interested in music. It also is a platform for teen musicians and bands to be able to play for an audience. The library also holds an annual Battle of the Bands. This program seems to be very popular with the youth, as they are able to hold at least one show a month.

I think the program is genius. Music being such an important part of young adult culture it is great that the London Public Library was able to create a program that reaches teens through something they love. The fact that they also let them use the library as a venue, establishes that the Teen Annex really is about teens and for teens. Giving them this venue identifies to teens that they have a place within the library. It also brings teens who are perhaps not interested in reading into a library space. You can even get L.O.U.D 2008 concert shirts.

For a schedule of upcoming shows and more information on L.O.U.D please visit the London Public Library’s website.


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