Friday, June 25, 2010

Program - Sault. St. Marie Public Librry

Last month I did an assignment on designing library spaces for teens and it has haunted me ever since. I’m constantly thinking about the space the library provides and the value it can have for teens, especially those with nowhere else to go. So when I came across Sault St. Marie’s library movie nights I was really excited.

A lot of libraries host movie nights as a library program for teens, especially when big blockbusters like Twilight come out. Why not? They are easy and you will almost always get participants. But what if you took it further? What if you showed movies more frequently, even if they weren’t new, just so that teens had a place to be in the evenings? Often there are not a lot of places in a community for teens. Wouldn’t it be great if our libraries became those places? I know regular movie nights are a simple program, but if you committed the space regularly for something like movie nights, they have the potential of being something amazing.

Last month, teens in Sault St. Marie watched Ice Princess, Cool Runnings and 50 Dead Men Walking. Seems like fun to me.


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