Wednesday, June 23, 2010


by Julia Anne Peters
256 pages

“As I heard her slog across the floor toward my desk – where she unveiled her makeup caddy in all it’s glory – a sigh of resignation escaped my lips. Yeah, I loved her. I couldn’t help it. She was my brother.”

Summary: Regan’s brother can’t stand who he is during the day – Liam the boy. However, at night, with the help of Regan’s makeup and mirror, he is able to transform into the person he truly feels he is – Luna the girl. Tired of hiding who he is, Liam has decided to start to transition, with or without his family’s support. Faced with difficult decisions, both Regan and Liam/Luna will have to choose between their own personal interests and their love for each other. This is a compelling story of self identity, acceptance and unconditional love.

Review: Luna is a breathtaking story about what it’s like for someone whose loved one is transgendered. The writing is beautiful and contains the rich sarcasm and whit that one comes to expect from Julie Anne Peters. I thought the characters were well constructed, especially that of Regan, and I appreciated that there was a bit of romance for her. Julie Anne Peters did a great job of bringing these characters to reality, making them identifiable, even if the reader is not in a similar situation. Anyone who has a loved one struggling through something can identify with this novel. I don’t think this should be a controversial book, Peters handles what can be a sensitive topic with delicacy and honesty. I’m really glad I read this as it opened my eyes to the struggle of an entire community I was not all that familiar with. This book should DEFINITELY be included in a library collection, as it is both a mirror and a window.

Other books by Julie Anne Peters: Define “Normal“, Between Mom and Jo and Far from Xanadu

Other books about the GBLT community: Geography Club by Brent Hartinger, Freak Show by James St. James, Parrotfish by Ellen Wittlinger

Gender Identity Clinic in Toronto website

Rating: 5Q 3 or 4P S


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