Tuesday, November 9, 2010

This Gorgeous Game

This Gorgeous Game
By Donna Freitas
208 pages

Summary: 17 year old Olivia thinks that all her dreams have come true when she wins a much coveted writing contest. Not only does she get a scholarship to university but she also gets to be mentored by her literary idol Father Mark Brendan. At first Olivia is over the moon with all the attention Father Mark gives her, including praises of her work, small tokens and chance encounters. But soon she finds that she’s spending all her time with Father Mark and he has a lot of requests. When things start being taken a little too far, Olivia finds herself trapped in Father Mark’s world playing a very dangerous game.

Review: This Gorgeous Game was a very fast read and felt more like a short story than a full on novel. This quality would make it a perfect selection for reluctant readers. The story is fast paced with a steady increase in Mark’s bizarre behaviour, which no doubt will draw the reader in. The main character is well constructed and Freitas does a good job of showing the struggle between following along with someone in authority and feeling like something doesn’t feel right. I thought the concept was really interesting, I just wish the story had been filled out a little bit more.

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Author website: http://donnafreitas.blogspot.com/

Rating: W2.5/4 C3/4 P3/4 O3/4 PP3/4 CR1/4
Grade Level Interest: MJS


Melissa said...

Great review, Katie! I thought this was a really profound read, and that while it was disturbing, the characters were well-rounded :)

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