Thursday, November 11, 2010

Program - Postcard for Peace

Surprisingly not a lot of libraries run Remembrance Day programs, especially not for teens. I’m sure there is some underground stuff that goes on that doesn’t make websites (themed books in book clubs, art contests, ec), but I was surprised to find so few events actually promoted.

Yesterday I was part of a massive outreach initiative at one of the high schools in the city. It gave me a chance to meet with the school librarian and get a tour of the library. That school in particular was participating in the Postcard for Peace government program which provides opportunities for youth to send postcards to express messages of thanks to those who served Canada in times of war. The school had some really creative artist who had made some beautiful submissions, and I know a lot of the students were participating. I was really excited that students were actually doing something in thanks and remembrance and that the library was spearheading it.


Library Gal said...

thank you for posting about this. I saw the posters at my sons school yesterday and wondered what it was about.

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