Thursday, November 18, 2010

Non-Fiction Addiction

Non-fiction for teens sure does have a bad rep. This feature will introduce non-fiction titles that are fun and informative and hopefully bring to life the wealth of relevant and amazing titles that are out there.

Out With It: Gay and Straight Teens Write About Homosexuality, edited by Al Desetta

Summary: Sensitive issues of teen sexuality, coming out, homophobia, and relationships with family and friends are explored in a dozen articles authored by teens. Updated with new stories.

“Out With It is a powerful and wonderfully evocative collection of writing by teens about homosexuality, identity and the struggle for understanding, friendship, love and community” – Greg Tewksbury, School Voices

Thoughts: The articles are well written and honest and I think this book would be especially helpful for a friend or family member with a loved one struggling to come out. It does a really great job of being a window. It is also a great example of giving teens a voice. My one complaint is that while many of the stories would be transferable, most of the authors experienced life in group homes, resulting in a lack of diversity of experiences.


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