Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Girl Stolen

Girl Stolen
By April Henry
213 pages

Summary: When Griffin steals a car from a shopping mall parking lot he thinks he has scored big. That is until he realizes there is a girl lying in the back seat. Now he’s gone from car thief to kidnapper. Cheyenne is sick with pneumonia when her step mom leaves the keys in the car to get her prescription. Things get more complicated for both Griffin and Cheyenne, because not only is she sick...she’s blind.

Summary: Girl Stolen is a quick and engaging read; one that could easily be finished in an afternoon. The short chapters, suspense and fast pacing also make this a great choice for reluctant readers. Told in alternating voices, readers get a glimpse into both Griffin and Cheyenne as they deal with the kidnapping and eventually come together as allies. Henry does a fantastic job at creating unexpected characters. The combination of Griffin, who is dark and fragile, and Cheyenne who is strong and so sure of herself give the novel a complexity that is entrancing. Constantly attention grabbing, this novel will be enjoyed by many.

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Writing: 4/4
Characters: 4/4
Plot: 4/4
Originality: 4/4
Popularity: 3/4
Cover: 3/4
Grade: JS


April Henry said...

Glad you liked it! They are changing the cover for the paperback - it will be bright red with yellow crime scene tape with the title written on it.


Jillian said...

Wow. Very intriguing synopsis!

Katie said...

Thanks so much for visiting April. I really liked the hard cover version, it was kind of gritty!

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