Tuesday, July 5, 2011

warm at last!

James and I have had some pretty enjoyable and relaxing few days.

The Olympic Peninsula was beautiful but I am happy to be in California and be warm! We spent an evening in Portland and checked out Powells, which is possibly the coolest bookstore ever. It has every book you could ever want, including a book James has been looking for since before we were married. Then we took a wonderful and slow drive down the coast of Oregon on Highway 101. It was such an incredible drive, I had a hard time not stopping every five minutes to take pictures. Luckily James is in charge of driving and wouldn’t stop every time I was like “oh look at that!!!”

The next day we took our drive south into California along the water and eventually into Napa which was so beautiful. We got in around 6:00, so the sun was really low, giving everything a golden light. It was such a wonderful and relaxing drive. I stopped in a driveway to take some pictures and the owners pulled in…so embarrassing. They were really nice about it, b

ut I really shouldn’t trespass when taking pictures, haha.

Then we were in San Francisco for two days. We had initially planned on taking the ferry to Alcatraz but it was booked up for the next two weeks. While that was a huge disappointment, it actually ended up being a blessing in disguise. Both James and I were feeling really burnt out from the trip, so having the free time meant we could move a lot slower. We slept in, walked instead of rushed and even stayed in bed for a few hours to read one morning.

San Francisco is a beautiful city that is so diverse. So far it has been my favourite city that we have visited. One of the best parts of the trip so far was getting to see our friend Blythe who has been living in Oakland the past year. It was so great to see her, meet her friends and catch up!

Despite several low key days, we decided we needed to do something really fun, so today we spent the day at a waterpark. Such a fun surprise. I love the randomness of this trip.

Miss everyone


mom said...

So nice you got to visit a friend...sounds like you are having a great time and love the pictures.. can't wait to hear all about it when you get home...love you both and miss you...take your time coming home.. i don't want to hand over the kitties ...lol

Joyce said...

I remember Blyth. It's so nice that you got to see her. Sounds like you're both having an amazing time. News from home: Pete totalled his truck (I think you know already, right?). He bought our car and we bought another one - a 2011 Impala. Got it from Haldimand Motors. Can't wait to see you guys. Love you!

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