Tuesday, July 19, 2011

On the Way Home

It’s day 27 and we only have about a week left on the trip. I’m so looking forward to being home and having life be back to normal but I’m going to miss this constant state of adventure I’ve been in for the past month.

Orlando was wonderful. The waterpark was so much fun and had some of the best waterslides I have ever been on. However, my favourite part of the park was the water rapids. It’s like a lazy river ride but faster. You put on a life jacket and just zoom…awesome. We also got to see Harry Potter before going to the park which was a nice treat. It was such a great finale to the movie series. I really loved it.

Harry Potter Land was everything I could have imagined and more. The detail that went into making that land realistic is incredible. We enjoyed Butterbeer (awesome) and Pumpkin Juice (gross), walked through Hogwarts (incredible), visited Olianders wand shop and Honeydukes. I don’t want to ruin it for anyone who has yet to go, but my advice: Check everywhere, there were some awesome surprises around corners and in places you wouldn’t expect (bathroom). We enjoyed the rest of the park as well, especially The Mummy ride which is my absolute favorite ride ever.

After that we toured Savannah and Charleston. We’ve been swimming on an awesome private beach, seen Fort Sumter (I’m such a civil war nerd), checked out some of the last surviving slave quarters and a plantation that was built by a Canadian and used in the filming of the Notebook.

This part of the trip is much more history based as we’re doing Washington, Philadelphia, as well as heading to Colonial Williamsburg tomorrow!



mom said...

sounds like an intersting couple of days...love the history that you guys are seeing...its quite remarkable when you visit those places...have fun

Jillian said...

ahh!! HP World omg. I'm so excited for our trip next year!

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