Friday, July 15, 2011


Hello from sunny Florida (although it’s actually been overcast all day).

We are finally through the deserts of the South and are super glad to be back with civilization. The drive from Flagstaff to New Orleans is long and incredibly boring.

After the Grand Canyon we drove to Tucson and went to Saguaro National Park, which has some amazing Saguaro cacti. It was a really cool park and we got there just at sunset, which was beautiful.

From there we checked out Tombstone, which is a traditional old west town that does re-enactments. We did the typical old west photo and I must say I make a wonderful bar maid. We were stopped by border patrol on our way to El Paso who couldn’t believe we had time off to do a trip like this! We also visited White Sands National Park, which is possibly the coolest place in the U.S. We had so much fun playing in the white sand dunes.

In San Antonio we did the river walk in the morning and hit up the Alamo. Everyone there was super friendly and it was one of our favourite towns. James was thrilled to see the musket of Davy Crocket (his childhood hero). After San Antonio we visited the Houston Space Centre.

After leaving Houston we stopped just outside of Lafayette, Louisiana on an off chance of getting to do a swamp tour. We had missed the tour but the owner was super nice and agreed to give us a private boat ride through the swamp and bayou. It was so crazy! We even saw a mother Alligator who was very protective of her nest. What a crazy experience.

We then headed directly to Louisiana where we hit up Bourbon Street for some Jambalaya. The next day we wandered the streets of the French quarter, window shopping and picking out some art for our house.

Today we did the long drive to Orlando and are hoping to visit Aquatica waterpark tomorrow and get some much needed rest and Sunday… Harry Potter Land!


mom said...

it sounds like you have had a wonderful trip so far and i can't wait to see your pictures...i have enjoyed reading these blogs...

Jillian said...

Woohoo awesome trip and yay for HP World!! So excited for you.

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