Monday, June 13, 2011


By Laurie Halse Anderson
250 pages

Summary: Returning the summer after defacing school property has changed things for Tyler. To begin, community service has changed his geeky physique to something a little more rugged. Now people are looking at him with fear, respect and curiosity. Even Bethany, the most beautiful and popular girl in school is paying attention to him. But being the official school “bad boy” comes with consequences, including being blamed for things he didn’t do.

Review: Twisted is a complex novel that combines humour with dark honesty. Issues such as sex, abuse, suicide, insecurities and bullying, combined with Tyler’s witty candour make this novel one of the more authentic YA novels available. Readers, both male and female, will be drawn into Tyler’s story as he battles high school and comes to terms with his own insecurities. Anderson’s easy to read writing style and fast pacing makes this a great selection for reluctant readers as well. Secondary characters such as Bethany and Tyler’s dad, with their own story arcs, add fullness to this complicated and ‘twisted’ story.

Also by Laurie Halse Anderson: Speak, Wintergirls, Prom

If you liked Twisted, you might also enjoy: Paper Towns by John Green, Just Listen by Sarah Dessen,

Author website:

Writing: 4/4
Characters: 4/4
Plot: 4/4
Originality: 3/4
Cover: 3/4
Grade Level: JS


We Heart YA said...

This sounds great. Man, we really need to get on Laurie Halse Anderson's books. We keep hearing good stuff about them, but we haven't read any yet!

Lizzy said...

Well, Laurie never shies away from the tough subjects. I haven't read this one, but it sounds good. THanks for the review!

Katie said...

We Heart YA - you totally need to read Anderson's books! I'd start with Speak and Wintergirls

Lizzy - it was a total random find at a bookstore last year. I'm glad I got it though :)

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