Thursday, June 30, 2011

Heading South

So I've officially arrived in Portland, Oregon, which after spending a little while at Powells feels like the book mecca of the world. So much fun!

Yesterday was a dream come true, James and I took the ferry from Seattle to the Olympic Peninsula! Ever since I saw pictures of it a few years ago I've been dying to go. We toured the little fishing town of Port Townsend which was so cute. We got there just as the shop owners were opening for the day and pretty much had the town to ourselves. Then we headed to our destination for the evening...Forks!

It's as much as you would expect, small and friendly...although it looks nothing like the Forks in the movies. Now that I have been here I can see how obvious that it was filmed in
Oregon and BC, the vegetation is very different. I was surprised to see how excited James was, but then he informed me he was just excited to be able to drop the fact that he's been to Forks into conversation the next time I drag him to one of the movies.

Then we went to La Push to check out second beach which was better than I could have ever imagined! It was just James and I on miles and miles of undisturbed coast. I couldn't stop taking much fun.

Today we got up early and actually drove into the Olympic National Park to do some hiking in the rainforest. The past few days have been awesome and of all the places we've been so far the Olympic Peninsula has been my favourite.

Tomorrow we head down the coast towards California!


mom said...

great picture of the is so you...sounds like you are having a great time and can't wait for you to come home and see all the pictures....have fun.. give james a hug...

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