Monday, May 9, 2011


By Amy Efaw
350 pages

Review: Devon is a young and talented soccer player with her whole world ahead of her. But everything slips away from her that night....the night that she gives birth and throws the newborn baby in the trash. Now that she’s on trial, Devon must face the tragic event she’s been trying to forget and come to terms with what could cause someone so normal to do something so horrifying.

Summary: After has a very captivating beginning, starting just after Devon has given birth. It’s a very interesting topic and Efaw does a good job of broaching the harshness of it, without alienating any of the readers. The third person narrative serves to distance the reader from some of the more difficult aspects of the novel. However, at the same time, Devon is still a regular girl, with everyday pressures and limitations and readers will no doubt be able to see some of themselves in her. There were some pacing issues and some teens might loose interest in the legal aspect of the story; however, it is still a very poignant and important novel. Additionally, I think it is a good crossover novel between YA and adult fiction.

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Additional Info: As far as I can tell there is no official Safe Haven Law in Canada as there is in the states. Although some provinces such as Vancouver are taking initiatives towards developing safe baby drop offs for young mothers.

The National Safe Haven Alliance website has information on legislation, contains information on crisis pregnancy centres, authorized safe havens and a hotline number for assistance.

Author website:

Writing: 3/4
Characters: 2.5/4
Plot: 3/4
Originality: 3.5/4
Popularity: 2.5/4
Cover: 3/4
Grade Interest: S


We Heart YA said...

Wow, what a topic... When I saw the cover on shelves at my local B&N, I understood the pregnancy issue, but I had no idea she threw the newborn away. :/ Thanks for the review! I may pick this one up soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie! I really enjoyed this book it was very tough to read because of the topic - but Efaw did any amazing job of dealing with it.

Take care....

Katie said...

No problem, it was a great book!

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