Monday, August 30, 2010

Kiss of Life

Kiss of Life (A Generation Dead Novel)
By Daniel Waters
410 pages
Book 2 in Series

“All Phoebe could think about before going next door to Adam’s house was the night he died in her arms. The rose of blood blooming on the white shirt he’d worn to homecoming, his strangled cry as he came back from wherever it was the dead went.”

Summary: A few weeks have passed since Adam died trying to save Phoebe. Now he’s back as a zombie and Phebs has chosen to stay with him, much to Tommy’s disappointment. After the attack that killed Adam, people in Oakvale are on edge. Some of the zombies have banned together in a group called Sons of Romero, pulling pranks and calling for segregation. The Hunter Organization isn’t what it seems and some people in the town are taking it upon themselves to end the zombies once and for all. Once again Pheobe will be pulled between her two worlds (the living and the dead) and the two guys she cares about most.

Review: Kiss of Life is a much slower paced novel than the first in the series. Waters spends more time developing Adam and Phoebe’s relationship and the lives of those in the underground zombie movement. Readers will feel that Waters is setting the stage for the next book, especially in light of the action packed ending. Much of the witty humour from the first book is missing, but I appreciated the storylines and the build towards the ending. Waters does a great job of looking at prejudice and acceptance and entertaining the reader looking for a little paranormal romance. I’m looking forward to reading the next book in the series.

Also by Daniel Waters: Generation Dead and Passing Strange

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Rating: W3/4 C3.5/4 P3/4 O3/4 PP2.5/4 CR3/4
Grade Level: JS


Melissa said...

Oh gosh, this is slower than the first? I didn't even really like the first haha Great review though...your thoughts were really great :)

Tiffany the StorySnoop said...

I too have read the first two books and have the third sitting here waiting for me. Interesting premise with the "differently biotic", but kind of strange to pair teen romance with zombies?? The third book looks like it focuses on the beautiful zombie girl, Karen. Should be interesting!

Katie said...

Thanks for the comments. I think the reason I like them so much is they remind me of the type of R.L Stien books that I read as a teen. (wow that probably dates me. The zombie boyfriend is a strange trend in YA lit. I personally like my zombies trying to kill me...but I think Waters does it in a cool way that's believable.

Tiffany - I hope you like Passing Strange, I didn't like it as much as the first two.

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