Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Epitaph Road

Epitaph Road
By David Patneaude
266 pages

Summary: It’s the year 2097 and almost all the men are gone. Thirty years ago an airborne virus nearly caused man’s extinction. When the threat of another breakout occurs, Kellen goes searching for his father to warn him. Desperate to find his dad in time, Kellen uncovers a secret that will not only threaten his life, but could change the course of history once again.

Review: I do enjoy dystopian novels and Epitaph Road was definitely a fun read. I think readers who enjoy fast paced plots with a lot of action will enjoy this dystopian. The story moved along very quickly and there were definitely a few moments when I was holding my breath. I think the idea is very interesting. I was especially surprised by the realization that many of our really important professions would be almost diminished if all the men died, doctors, lawyers, government, police, etc. However, there were some plot elements that were a little problematic for me. I found some of the key elements pretty predictable and unbelievable. I also wasn’t all that connected to the characters, I think the story moved too fast to really be able to connect to any of them. However, I think there is definitely an audience for this book.

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Rating: W2.5/4 C2/4 P2.5/4 O2.5/4 PP3/4 CR1/4
Grade Level Interest: MJ


Melissa said...

It's hard when you feel a disconnect with the characters, but I'm glad you pointed out the highlights :)

Great review!

Katie said...

I think I was in a bad mood the day I wrote this review. The book was actually okay. :)

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