Wednesday, August 18, 2010

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Hi everyone,

So Kristi over at the Story Siren has been hosting some really cool guest bloggers to celebrate LGBT Lit Days (Aug 9-20) and she was lucky enough to have Brent from The Naughty Booklist as a guest. I love Brent’s blog and I think his guest post is really amazing, and especially helpful for YA librarians. Here is just an excerpt

“Along with music, books also are a way to find… normalcy in being gay. I mean, my entirety of my teenage years, so far, is mainly about finding myself, finding people who accept me, and of course finding hot guys to date! Books played a major role in accepting myself. I honestly don’t think I would be open to myself and others if I didn’t read some terrific gay-lit. These books I read helped me realize that “gay” is a normal thing. That it’s not terrible, it’s not sinful, it’s not disgusting, and it’s not a lifestyle. Books also helped my own family come to terms with my sexuality. My mom even read some of my books to see what was “going on in your head, as a gay teen, Brent.”

Please check out the rest of the post here.


Melissa said...

I saw this, too :) great features, indeed!

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