Monday, July 5, 2010


by Meg Cabot
262 pages

Summary: When tons of misfortune comes her way it’s not surprising that Jean Honeychurch gets the nickname Jinx. In order to get away from all her bad luck, Jinx heads to New York to live with her aunt and uncle. Except her cousin Tory isn’t so thrilled to have her there and the secret that Tory is hiding has the possibility to bring danger and misfortune to more than just Jinx.
Review: This is my first Cabot novel and I thought it was a lot of fun. It was a great combination of the lightness of chick-lit with the mystery of the supernatural. The pacing is very quick and those who read for plot of character will really enjoy Jinx. I thought the characters were well developed. Jinx was a likable and believable protagonist; Tory was fascinating in her ruthlessness and Zack was a completely adorable love interest. I especially loved the transformation and development of Jinx throughout the book as she comes into her own. I think those looking for a quick and fun read will really enjoy this novel. It has a lot of the elements you might expect from chick-lit but with a few fun surprises.

You might enjoy Jinx if you like books with : quick to read storylines, not a lot depth, fun and flirty characters, just a touch of supernatural, fun romances, light dialogue.

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Additional Information: the idea for Jinx came from Cabot’s own family history. She is in fact related to a healer who is rumoured to have been one of the last women burned at the stake in England for Witchcraft.

Author website:

Rating: W3.5/4 C3.5/4 P3/4 O2.5/4 PP3/4 CR4/4
Grade Level Interest: MJS


Becca Jane said...

I've only read one meg cabot book - the first princess diaries one. But this sounds cute!

Katie said...

I think you would like it Becca, the character has red hair : )

Rowena said...

I adored this book too! Meg Cabot is one of my most favorite YA authors. Her books are always witty and a lot of fun.

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