Monday, July 26, 2010

Blog Makeover

Hi Everyone,

If you came by my blog earlier and the place was a mess, I'm sorry. It took a while to get everything the way I liked it (although I still can't get my picture to show up). But I officially have a new look to celebrate my almost 1 year of book blogging. Thanks go to Simply Fabulous Blogger Templates.

Happy Monday everyone!


Ashley said...

It looks great! I love the colours! =)

Katie said...

Thanks Ashley : )

Debra said...

Hi Katie,

Wow, looks wonderful. I'm impressed by the design and content!! Happy 1 year blogging anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie!

Just stopping by to say hello. Love the new blog design. So pretty! I'm sticking with Wordpress for the time being. I'm hoping to migrate over to my own URL eventually.

On another note, I'm recruiting bloggers to write over at the Canadian Libraries Are Serving Youth (CLASY) blog ( So, if there's anything on your mind about YA or teen library services, you're more than welcome to contribute!

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